Episode 13 – Kickstarters

Hello Everyone! James, Jason, and Eric dive into a discussion about kickstarters! We love them but our wallets hate them. We discuss some of the more successful and not successful kickstarters past and present and what we think makes a kickstarter worth it. The guys touch a little bit on how Corvus Belli are shaking things up in the world of Infinity  We also discuss a bit more about the up and coming bust painting contest. We will set the over under at 2.5 the amount of kickstarters that got backed during the episode by the guys. Post your guess in the comments section. Also last show about kickstarters, its too expensive!

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Episode 8 – Hobby: New Years Spectacular!

Happy new year everyone! This is episode 8, our first and not so new idea of an end of year wrap up! We discuss what we think were the best games and hobby gear of 2017. We then take a look forward into 2018 and discuss what we are hoping to accomplish and what new and fun games we are on the way. Be sure to let us know what you are most looking forward to in 2018 by leaving a post here or dropping us an email.

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Episode 7 – Guild Ball: Fresh Meat

Big surprises this week! We have the pleasure of introducing our new member of the team James! We find out more about James and his tastes in the world of tabletop gaming. Also this week, we recap James and Eric’s trip to Steam Con, get more in-depth with the Guild Ball rookie league, and spell the beans about all the new up and coming changes to Guild Ball

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Steam Con

Episode 5 – Hobby: You Get a Board Game & You Get a Board Game!

This week on the show we have a in-depth discussion about board games! Some of the idea’s we tackle are what makes a board game a board game and how the lines have blurred between board games and tabletop gaming. We also looks at some of the new board game being produced by tabletop game companies such as Necromunda, Shadespire, Aristeia. Tell us what you think in the comment below!

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Episode 3 – Hobby: We Found the Hobby

We dedicate an entire episode to painting and some of our must have items and things we have discovered over time to elevate our painting skills. The following are some links to some of the items we talk about in the episode:

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Liquid Skill Bitches